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In July started to build a quadrokopter. Most peoples does it for fun or for making movies and pictures from air. In my case quadrokopter is needed for testing algorithms in my AutoPitLot on-board computer. Generally I want to use it in UAVs like glider, but making tests on that platform is hard to do. For every test I need take all equipment, pack to the car and go several kilometers away to airfield. Using quadrokopter as a test platform allow me to fly in the city on the grass close to the my home. Also quadrokopter is absolutely not stable in any axis. All stability has to be done by algorithms, not by platform stable by itself.

I started from buy the frame from my friend Jakub http// . It is "Middle size QUADcopter frame".


Hobby King supply it with Turningy Plush 18A ESC and propsavers. RCtimer supply it with  BL-2830/14 750kv motors and propellers. I want to buy 10" propellers CW and CCW, but by mistake ordered 12". Will try to fly on it. Utilising some free time I mounted the mechanical part of my kopter looking as on the picture. The set was tested for the presence of vibration and after balancing of propellers looks to be ready for mount the electronics. The FC (Flight Controller) will be of course my AutoPitLot.

Actually (after few months) quadrokopter looks like on picture below (click on the pictures to enlarge).

Is equipped AutoPitLot on-board computer in strong enclosure. It contains Invensense IMU module,  pneumatic module (both as internal modules), external Bluetooth module connected to communication connector, OSD connected to expansion connector, camera, ATV 1,2GHz transmitter, 2x RPM speed sensors on motors, 35A current sensor, Hitec 8 channels 35MHz RC receiver and 4x LiFe 2200mAh battery.

Mechanical part of the copter was ritched by foot made with caps from the juice carton, because the naked legs was dangerous to my floor. Few days ago I added shelf for camera and OSD. In the shelf is some place reserved for future gimbal servo.

For better view I opened the frame cover. You can see all modules mounted in AutoPitLot and lot of wires :-)
The AutoPitlot is not only static hardware, it can fly. Below is movie from tests recorded by my son.
On the test quadrokopter fly in stable mode on pitch and roll, acro mode on yaw and climb rate controller on altitude.
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