Innovative solution for RC hobby

UAV Autopilot DedalusDedalus Autopilot was designed to save your valuable models against escape caused by trivial reasons like lost of RC range, too strong thermal or discharged battery in transmitter. Such situation can happen to everybody, but when you have Dedalus installed on board it come back model to start place.

It requires the RC receiver with Fail-Safe system has programmed throttle and one free channel for changing autopilot flight mode. After auto activating Fail-Safe or manual switching control channel the autopilot come back to start place and circle above that point.


This UAV autopilot has very small board (30mm of width, 62mm of length and 10mm of height). It can fit in almost every plane. Except external GPS-GLONASS receiver it has all required sensors on board.

It can fly with most planes in configuration:

  • with classic T-shape tail,
  • with V-shape tail,
  • tailless like flying wing or delta.

The autopilot mounted in plane stabilize it in position parallel to earth so fix it surely with velcro or double glue tape to avoid move during flight in position parallel to longitudinal and transverse plane axis.


Basic plane configuration can be done with FPV Manager application working under Windows via mini USB cable. Detailed configuration can be done on airfield using small portable display with keyboard. In this way you can check status of GNSS receiver or see statistic of flight. The display with keyboard can be attached at any moment and can be used one for multiple autopilots. Display connector has polarized socket to ensure connection in correct way.


Connection between Dedalus Autopilot and RC receiver can be done in 3 ways:

  • parallel connection (cable for channel 1 connect signal power and ground, next 2 cables connect only channels, first: 2, 3 and 4, second 5, 6 and 7),
  • serial CPPM connection with single cable on channel 1,
  • serial S-Bus connection with single cable on channel 1 (S-Bus needs servo supply voltage not bigger then 5V).

Dedalus Autopilot RC inputs/outputs


Servos can be connected directly to RC autopilot outputs or with S-Bus via last connector:


The Dedalus is powered from BEC working on 5V or 6V. When choosing BEC current output keep in mind that autopilot moves servos more often then human, so consumption can be bigger then in manually piloted plane.

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