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Buddy Flight ™ is a system supporting FPV flight with multiple models. Equipping model to Buddy Flight ™ you can see position of the 6 fellow pilots on the OSD screen as on radar, even if they are outside camera field of view.

Buddy Flight z przodu

If you ever tried to fly with somebody with camera, you certainly know how hard is to meet in the air. The camera sees only certain angle with the front, just a moment of inattention and your buddy model is on the back, below or above us. Relocate in space takes a long time. In addition front location of camera causes that if you see a model of colleague he does not see you.

The Buddy Flight ™ has a logarithmic scale radar and can see all models equipped with BF within a few kilometers.

System operation is based on modem connection. Each flight participant periodically sends it's coordinates. They are received by all other participants and displayed on the radar screen of the OSD as markers on the form of letters. The letter can be assigned before flight. For example Alice, Bob and Charlie are flying together. Alice sets in her OSD identifier as letter "A", Bob letter "B" and Charlie letter "C". Flying together each of them sees on the screen letters of theirs colleague planes. On the picture on the right users "B", "C" and "Z" are flying together.


If the model is on the different altitude, instead a letter displayed is a symbol showing the range of altitude related to our model:


Buddy flight model nisko

double triangle up - the model is more than 100m higher than ours,


single triangle up - the model is between 20 and 100m higher than ours,


underlined character at the top and bottom - the model is on the similar altitude (up to 20m above or below us)

single triangle down - the model is between 20 and 100m below than our,


double triangle down - the model is more than 100m below than our model,


The moment with the 2 models situated higher than our is shown on the next image. You can see there 2 models higher than 100m on the left side. Model  in the front is visible in the camera field of view. The second model on the back is not visible, but with Buddy Flight we know it's location.


radiomodem buddy flight

The Buddy Flight ™ system is working with PitLab OSD since firmware version 2.20. Requires presence of the Buddy Flight modem connected to UART socket in the OSD. In case of OSD version 2.2 or earlier it connects white, 4-pin UART connector. Older version with green 3-pin connector requires additional 5V line to power the modem.

Modem antenna should be oriented vertically as in the picture, to ensure greatest range in the omnidirectional plane.


Videos showing  operation of the Buddy Flight from the pilot side of view:



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Chris Stacey

Absolutely the best service and development ever !!! (…) I can not imagine to use other manufacturer/solutions not least because the highest quality service. Other solutions like APM or PixHawk that I have always have some issues and no help, no replacements. Never again will use cheap stuff for plain worth a lot of money and safety reasons.

My short answer is, go ahead and order, you will be 110% satisfied with your stated requirement

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