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FPV_System - first_step_manual

FPV_System - first_step_manual (Russian)

OSD user's manual, - refreshed (2.70)!

OSD user's manual (Russian)

Autopilot user's manual - refreshed (2.70)!

Autopilot user's manual (Russian)

Autopilot tuning step by step

Autopilot tuning step by step (French)

GroundStation user's manual

GroundStation user's manual (Russian)

Buddy Flight ™ in the Pitlab FPV System

ILS user's manual

ILS user's manual (Russian)

Thermal and Wind Assistatant manual

Thermal and Wind Assistatant manual (Russian)

Takeoff in FPV System - refreshed (2.70)!

Automated landing in FPV System

Routes in FPV System

FPV Tracker android application manual

Navigation modes in FPV System

Navigation modes in FPV System (Russian)

Antenna tracking mechanism assembly



On-line manuals

Питлаб установка и подготовка к первому полёту by Plohish

FPV System news and manuals by Zbig



The FPV Manager may require .Net Framework version 3.5.


Software / firmware version 2.70


Software / firmware version 2.60d

-> Download

  • Fixed display of the map


Software / firmware version 2.60c

-> Download

  • Airspeed sensor was not read without connected camera.

-> Download

  • Corrected algorithm of keeping altitude on first waypoint.

-> Download

  • New option in Layout designer "[x]mAh below 10Ah"  show optionally discharge in mAh (until 9999)


Software / firmware version 2.60b

-> Download

  • Fixed bug of loosing control over plane after save trims in AUTO mode for V tail planes.

-> Download

  • Fixed bug of loosing control over plane after save trims in AUTO mode for V tail planes.

-> Download

  • Fixed bug of loosing control over plane after save trims in AUTO mode for V tail planes.


Firmware version 2.60a


Software / firmware version 2.60

Description of new functions and changes in 2.60 version

-> Download

  • Added full airspeed zeroing after manual store base. Note: during zeroing pitot tube must be covered to avoid direct wind blowing into tube.
  • Airspeed calibration range extended to +32%
  • Added temperature and pressure compensation for airspeed sensor.
  • Added post flight statistics in imperial units
  • If during flight connection to RC receiver breaks (OSD shows –RC) and there is runway selected for auto landing, after 5 minutes system selects first layout with ILS and performs full auto landing procedure.
  • Added option for disabling telemetry in video signal (VBI period). When telemetry ID for OSD is set to FFFF value, OSD will left video signal unchanged for vertical blanking period, allowing other systems to superimpose its own telemetry into video stream.
  • Added option [x]AMSL for layout field Altitude (numeric). When checked, field will show average altitude above sea level (based on GPS), instead of altitude above starting point. Also field icon is slightly changed to mark this setting active.
  • Added new options for horizon (central) field: - airplane-like visualization (Russian HUD) - new options for central point: hidden (none) and small circle (*)
  • Added numeric distance/altitude to nearest BuddyFlight airplane. Configured by new layout field Buddy alt/dist, with option [x] Move on radar to change between static location, or move information on radar close to BuddyFlight sign. Note that BUddyFlight uses altitudes relative to starting point, so altitude difference is valid only when both airplanes started from this same AMSL.
  • Improved algorithms for Fixed and dynamic throttle, for better altitude control. Dynamic throttle has additional option (OSD menu Autopilot->Throttle mode->Stall margin) for safety (anti-stall) overlap between throttle and elevator down. It may be used for airplanes with poor gliding abilities or with narrow stall margin when gliding without engine.
  • Added function to change circling radius in Auto/circling mode (and also circling in mountain mode or circling above starting point of approach path during auto landing). Circling radius may be changed between 50 meters and 900 meters in several steps, by deflecting rudder stick. Actual/new circling radius will be shown on OSD screen when stick was deflected. NOTE that for delta/flying wing it requires proper mapping of rudder channel for autopilot (in FPV_manager).
  • Automatic disable of route visualization during last phase of auto landing (when airplane is on approach path) to clean screen from unnecessary items.
  • Added functionality to avoid stall in AUTO mode when battery becomes empty. It automatically reduces Throttle->pitch mixer when battery becomes empty (proportionally to motor current) and prevent AP prom using excessive elevator UP when airplane glides with reduces power of engine. Note: this functionality works only with current sensor.
  • Added functionality to show diversity input RC channel. In RSSI field there is new checkbox named [x] diversity. It replaces antenna icon with [A] or [B] mark according to active diversity input.
  • Added new option [x] Airplane position for back to home field. This option shows airplane position relatively to base like in paper map (north up, base at the center). Airplane position is marked by arrow, which shows also airplane flight direction (course).
  • Added new option in flight statistics: Watt-hours per kilometer (Wh/km), which optionally replaces existing mAh/km efficiency. This value informs how much energy (Watt-hours) is consumed to travel 1km distance (over ground), or what power (in Watts) is required for each 1km/h speed over ground. This statistics can be easily compered between airplanes with different battery voltage (mAh/km cannot be compared that way). This statistics is selectable in layout editor in FPV_manager.
  • Added new information in telemetry: - Control (steering) signals (RC input in OFF/STAB mode and internal control signals in AUTO mode), which will help analyzing pilot or system behavior. - Statistics of most important GPS incoming data (latitude, longitude, course, speed), which will help analyzing GPS problems.
  • Removed old GPS settings for 1Hz (4800/9600 bps) update rate.
  • Added new option for altitude stabilization in dynamic throttle mode: OSD menu->Autopilot->Throttle mode->Stabilization. It allows to set stabilization force most suitable for airplane characteristics. 
  • Previous waypoint distance limit (99999 meters) now is extended to 600 kilometers
  • [Fixed] Changed wrong help description for waypoints flight
  • [Fixed] Easy setup was active when menu was activated from RC switch (although easy setup can be operated only from 3 button keyboard). Note this option is invisible when menu is opened from RC switch.
  • [Fixed] Menu Course stabilization was enabled in Delta/flying wing, although it works only for airplanes with rudder. Now this option is hidden for delta/flying wing.
  • [Fixed] Path travelled were calculated with approx -0.6% error (truncation error) and in some rare cases path travelled may be shown slightly less than twice maximum distance.
  • [Fixed] In autopilot’s altitude mode “Down if dist. <” when maximum altitude is set to “OFF” autopilot set RTH altitude to 100m. Now it keeps current flight altitude if it is above 100m or 100m if current altitude is less than 100m.
  • [Fixed] When airplane loiters over base position in RTH mode, autopilot may change flight altitude (e.g. increase it) when airplane flies away from base point to distance over 200meters.
  • [Fixed] If numeric altitude field is located on the right side of the screen and during landing with ILS runway has altitude set to “AMSL” (not “base”) on screen may appear horizontal line

-> Download

  • New RC input diversity functionality, which allows to connect two RC receivers simultaneously to autopilot to make system more robust. Functionality is described in details in separate pdf document: Diversity in Pitlab FPV System
  • Slow (low pass) filters for Aux 2..5 outputs. User can select 8 steps for signal filtering.
  • Configurable Pitch and Roll output (Aux4 and Aux5) for simple servo gimbals.
  • Improved algorithms for Fixed and dynamic throttle, for better altitude control. Dynamic throttle has additional option (OSD menu Autopilot->Throttle mode->Stall margin) for safety (anti-stall) overlap between throttle and elevator down. It may be used for airplanes with poor gliding abilities or with narrow stall margin when gliding without engine.
  • For SBUS input system respects failsafe flag (forcing mode AUTO with throttle low) instead of current channel state configuration of receiver.
  • Added new functionality for customization of altitude stabilization in dynamic throttle mode. It allows to set stabilization force most suitable for airplane characteristics.
  • [Fixed] Changing altitude/course in AUTO/HOLD mode did not works properly for delta/flying wing configuration
  • [Fixed] For ailerons on 1 RC channel AP did not works properly as Y-splitter.
  • [Fixed] For SBUS RC input mode sometimes AP reports short “–RC” status.
  • [Fixed] In parallel mode AP sometimes detects short, false PPM pulses. 
  • [Fixed] In parallel mode AP may detect false PPM pulses on inputs not connected to receiver. 
  • [Fixed] Removed diagnostics data on OSD screen in fixed throttle mode

-> Download

  • Added option for 360/90 degree antenna trackers. There is new option (button) in menu settings to change between 180/180 degree (standard Pitlab antenna tracker) and 360/90 degree (third party antenna tracker with 360degree azimuth and 90 degree elevation servos). Options for tracker servo calibrations (azimuth, elevation) are modified to support new tracker type.
  • Added new UART speeds for telemetry data: 115200bps and 230400bps, especially useful for pre-programmed Bluetooth modules.
  • Added option for USART/Bluetooth diagnostics. It allows to check Bluetooth connection (response tor AT command) and proper data transmission / reception.
  • Added option for automatic baud discovery for pre-programmed Bluetooth modules. Function is available by pressing header [Telemetry UART speed] on UART baud rate list.
  • After startup ground station assumes that servos for tracking antenna are in parking position and starts moving from this position with proper (slow) speed. This same applied when button [UnParking] is pressed.
  • [Fixed] When azimuth adjust was set to more than 90 degree it was restored after next power up as 90 degree.
  • [Fixed] In exported log file (.csv) local time was stretched by approx. 1 sec per minute.

-> Download

  • New drop down lists for simpler option selection in layout designer (for horizon field properties). 
  • New field Buddy alt/dist in layout designer for distance/altitude to nearest BuddyFlight airplane. It has one option [x] Move on radar to change between fixed field location, or move information on radar close to BuddyFlight sign.
  • New option for RSSI field [x] Diversity to show active RC input.
  • New options in Autopilot -> Radio RC page: -Diversity RC settings -Configurable slow (low pass) filters for Aux outputs -Additional pitch/roll output (Aux4 and Aux5) for simple servo gimbals (stabilization). Stabilization factor can be changed from -100% (reversed) to +100% (normal), according to servo/gimbal characteristics.
  • New option Wh/km in layout designer for field Track statistics. When selected, this option replaces existing mAh/km statistics with new Watt-hour per kilometer efficiency.
  • Support for new telemetry data from log exported to .csv file
  • [Fixed] When route was longer than 100 kilometers, opening route dialog box causes application hang
  • [Fixed] Saving and restoring layout from file sets this same name for all RC monitor channels
  • [Fixed] Sometimes maps were not properly displayed, with “Oops! something went wrong” message.


Software version 2.50d

-> Download

  • Bug fixed related with google maps API key.


Software version 2.50c

-> Download

  • Bug fixed is support of google maps.


Software / firmware version 2.50a

-> Download

  • Completed missing menu translations for french languageChanges in RSSI calibration options

-> Download

  • Bug fixed: trimming altitude/course in Auto/HOLD mode (by aileron/elevator sticks deflection) do not work properly for Delta or V-tail

No changes since version 2.50.

-> Download

  • Bug fixed: When runway approach course was changed on map (by dragging asterisk icon) and this angle is greater than 180deg,
    runway dialog will show angle equal zero.


Software / firmware version 2.50

Description of new functions and changes in 2.50 version

-> Download

  • Added new navigation modes,
  • Added multi-segment routes,
  • Added takeoff functionality to keep the plane level and climbing at a desired takeoff angle
  • Added safe and accurate automatic model airplane landings without direct pilot involvement,
  • Advanced Pitch and Roll stabilization options,
  • Course stabilization,
  • RC monitor shows information about the state of up to 5 RC channels,
  • New view shows the current airplane elevation and glideslope angle,
  • Ignore RTH for time period,
  • Changes in RSSI calibration options

-> Download

  • In all AUTO modes the autopilot will now follow a straighter line to the destination point regardless of side winds and other disturbances,
  • When in AUTO Circling at GPS point mode the autopilot will fly in a regular circle with a radius of about 100m centered on the GPS point, rather than loitering above the point in a figure-8. The pilot can change the circling direction by moving the aileron stick to the maximum position left or right.
  • In AUTO RTH/RTR mode, when the airplane reaches the destination point the autopilot will fly in a figure-8 shape centered on this point.
  • SBUS input values are converted into PPM outputs with extended range (+/- 135% or 860-2160 microseconds).
  • Some minor changes were made in the algorithms used for maintaining altitude.

-> Download

  • Added an option for controlling the Comtech 1.2GHz RF modules (video receiver) and other compatible receivers (e.g. Fox, Rangevideo),
  • Added 7 speed options for tracking antenna servos and active acceleration/deceleration characteristics,
  • SD card logging will now start automatically only when the GPS is ready and the base position has been stored in the OSD.


Software / firmware version 2.40

-> Download

  • Current sensor calibration extended to 110A
  • Average speed in post-flight statistics,
  • Changes in RSSI calibration options
  • ILS Instrument Landing System, with 8 definable runways and runway visualisation (full description in separate manual).
  • Automatic radar zoom option
  • Bug fix in presentation of selected min altitude above 100m in autopilot's menu
  • Extended distance above 65.000 meters
  • Extended speed above 230 km/h up to 480 km/h
  • "Wind Assistant" - presentation of direction and wind speed after making a circle in air
  • "Thermal Assistant" - presentation of center of thermal currents
  • Added "Easy Setup" of airplane, mixers and reverses
  • Fixed compatibility bug (keeping altitude) for Autopilot prior to version 2.21
  • Option for PWM positive pulse length on USER A2 input (e.g for lidar)
  • Internal diagnostics of all OSD settings
  • Two-point calibration for current sensor (low current and high current) improving accuracy, especially for HALL sensors 
  • "Glideslope" - option for gradually decreasing altitude in RTH to reach minimum altitude at base point for optimal range
  • "Blink background" for all fields based on GPS, when GPS error occurs or fix is lost
  • Option for disable auto post flight info (for multirotors to avoid auto-statistics when hoovering on low altitude)
  • Acoustic (voice) low battery voltage alarm for OSD and Power battery fields

-> Download

  • Extended CPPM/Sbus up to 16 channels
  • Fixed EPA bug in PPM output presentation (bars) for OFF mode
  • in altitude limit was 50m instead of 30m

-> Download

  • Extended distance above 65000 meters
  • Extended speed  up to 480 km/h
  • Azimuth adjust with external potentiometer

-> Download

  • Export log in .KML format for Google Earth
  • Bug fix: pitch from logs was with invalid (opposite) sign  - now nose down means negative pitch.
  • Added support for Dedalus autopilot (for classic flights)
  • Runways definition and layout options for ILS
  • Wind assistant settings in layouts
  • Support for PWM positive pulse len measurement on USER A2 input (e.g for lidar)


Software / firmware version 2.31

 -> Download

  • Fixed problem with map after Microsoft/Google update


Software / firmware version 2.30


  • Current sensor caliration extended to 110A
  • Average speed in post-flight statistics
  • Changes in RSSI calibration options
  • ILS Instrument Landing System, with 8 defineable runways and runway visualisation (full description in separate manual).
  • Automatic radar zoom option
  • Bux fix in presentation of selected min altitude above 100m in autopilot's menu

 -> Download

  • Runways definition and layout options for ILS

There are no changes in AP and GS in this version.


Software / firmware version 2.22


  • Extended min altitude for RTH above 100m (up to 190m)
  • Bug fix for generating NTSC signal without camera
  • Added RSI calibration when RSSI is taken from serial PPM channel
  • Added zoom (x1, x2, x4) for radar (common settings for all layouts).
  • Bug fixed in altitude keeping when AUTO sub-mode changed between
  • HOLD and CIRCLE mode now can keep altitude above Maximum RTH Altitude settings
  • New full screen post-flight statistics
  • Odometer (total route travelled by plane since new firmware installed)

 -> Download

  • Support for min altitude above 100m (up to 190m)
  • Bux fix: after flight (or walk with airplane), when current altitude was below zero (negative) activating AUTO mode causes engine start even when airplane lay on ground. 

 -> Download

No changes.

 -> Download

  • export log in .KML format for Google Earth
  • Bug fix: pitch from logs was with invalid (opposite) sign  - now nose down means negative pitch.
  • Added support for Dedalus autopilot (for classic flights)


Software / firmware version 2.20


  • Added BuddyFlight feature for locating another FPV airplanes on the OSD screen (radiomodems required),
  • Added option in menu layout, for change OSD content mode,
  • New feature [x] POWER in current field (will show current/power in 2s/2s cycle),
  • New feature [x] Graph under vario (numeric) field. Shows vario graph for last 16 seconds of flight,
  • After GPS failure OSD shows error message (e.g NO GPS, NO FIX) in 1s/1s cycle with last received GPS position,
  • Option for not store throttle trim for electric engine, in OSD->Autopilot->Throttle mode menu,
  • Option for mapping RSSI from serial CPPM channel (some LRS put RSSI into additional channel),
  • Option [x] Small font for (almost) all OSD fields,
  • Option for white solid background for OSD items by checking [x]Black background and [x]inverted simultaneously,
  • Solid background option for numeric RSSI,
  • Added Date&Time into telemetry data/log,
  • Added GPS's VDOP/HDOP (dilution of precision) into telemetry data/log,
  • Option for showing [x]HDOP in GPS stat field,
  • Alarm for batteries now will flash with "ALARM" text, and change background to increase  it's visibility,
  • This same text width for all background options,
  • In Pitch/Roll fields changed  '>', '<' with 'P','R',
  • Backup/restore for all settings,
  • Added course/altitude hold sub-mode, active in AUTO mode when throtle is set to middle position and navigation is set to base (not waypoints),
  • This mode is indicated by "Hold" text on OSD screen. For safety, after 5.000 meters traveled in this mode airplane will start circling at GPS point until mode changed,
  • Invoking menu from RC swith and leaving switch in neutral position now causes exit without action (previously accepts selected items).

 -> Download

  • Encoder S-BUS (output to servos) for all input modes (parallel PPM, serial CPMM, S-BUS),
  • Decoder S-BUS (S-BUS input),
  • Support for RSSI encode in CPPM channel,
  • Support for not store throttle trim for electric engine,
  • Faster variometer response,
  • Improved detection of invalid CPPM (serial) input,
  • Backup/restore for all settings,

 -> Download

  • Parking will now set servos to "parking" position then after 1 sec. will stop issuing PPM, and servo will become loose,
  • Added % (numeric) for video signal quality,
  • Data & time stored in log files, and date added to log filename (requires GPS fix),
  • Date shown on LCD,
  • HDOP/VDOP shown on LCD,
  • Setting alarm value to "0" disables alarm,
  • Added user-define parking position for azimuth and elevation servo.

 -> Download

  • Bug fixed for path travelled (for periods when there was no GPS FIX during flight),
  • Fields in layout designer arranged in alphabetical order,
  • Option [x]Power (2sec) in layout designer,
  • Option [x] Graph  in layout designer,
  • Option [x]HDOP in layout designer,
  • Option [x]Small font in designer,
  • Added S-BUS option for serial input,
  • Added RSSI mapping for CPPM/S-BUS,
  • Added date and size of log file during import,
  • Added Black background and Inverted option for most fields,
  • Added HDOP support in log files,
  • Added template "F16 Small",
  • backup/restore for OSD/AP/GS setting in Firmware tab,
  • New screen layout for Autopilot->RC tab.



Software / firmware version 2.13

 -> Download

  • Added throttle->elevator mixer to accelerate climbing speed
  • Fixed bug in "keep minimal GPS speed" algorithm
  • New, improved algorithm for descending altitude using elevator in AUTO mode (especially in fixed throttle or air currents)
  • Added security check on PPM input pulses during setup
  • Minimised PPM output jitter
  • Added active spin-exit algorithm, with rudder engagement
  • Added EPA settings for PPM output (configuration via PPM_manager)
  • Improved variometer reaction speed.


  • Easy reversal setting by moving sticks
  • Added telemetry ID for unique pairing of OSD and GroundStation
  • Improved zeroing of airspeed sensor during startup, and zeroing after "store base" invoked from menu
  • Added calibration of airspeed sensor, and averaging of sensor measurements
  • Fixed bug x10 distance when using UBLOX GPS
  • Added support for GLONASS (MTK) GPS
  • Improved refresh frequency for variometer
  • Fixed bug in feet altitude on right scale and feet per minute in variometer
  • In flight statistics (imperial units only) two numeric fields were concatenated (missing separator)
  • Fixed bug in graphic variometer (imperial units only)
  • Added Russian alphabet
  • Added menu settings for fast layout switch from RC channel
  • Prolonged time for auto-accept menu item from RC switch
  • Fixed bug in presenting calibration factor below 100 (last zero was not cleared)
  • Altitude settings in menu now are rounded to nearest 10ft or 100ft
  • Fixed bug in waypoint altitude info in menu (imperial units only)
  • Fixed bug in USER A2 input
  • Fixed bug in "fixed scale" in layout option
  • Correction in help text for waypoint altitude

 -> Download

  • Automatic start/stop of log file in SD card
  • Fixed bug in accidentally white screen after startup
  • Added imprial units support (telemetry data, alarms)
  • Added lock/unlock on settings (prevent accidentally change)
  • Fixed error off locking upper row of icons.

 -> Download

  • Added EPA calibration from RC transmitter
  • Added telemetry ID manual setting for OSD
  • On import log dialogbox
  • -added sel/unsel all items
  • -one click sel/unsel item
  • -multicolumn log list
  • Metric/imperial units in log data on screen
  • Added path travelled in log data on screen



Software / firmware version 2.12

 -> Download
changes in test version 2.10

  • Protection against accidental displaying menu during powering up AP or RC noise
  • Restoring OSD screen and removing displayed menu when detect loss or RC signal
  • Information about loss of data from AP: 'X' character
  • Displaying AP error number

changes in test version 2.11

  • Support for unidirectional HALL current sensor with 500mV offset
  • Telemetry packet extended with information about data: *pitch, roll, course diff, ap_state,*base longitude, *base latitude,*RSSI, waypoint no, g-force, temperature, *Gps speed, gps_cmg, gps_alt, *vario, compass, airspeed
  • Fixed overlaying temperature and userA2 data in layouts 1-2 and 3-4
  • Fixed command API XCMD_VPWR for setting main battery voltage
  • Fixed unit change for speed object (was always in km/h)
  • Added STALL speed menu and STALL message
  • Default GPS settings set for MTK, 5 Hz, 38400 (for GPS delivered in kits)
  • Increased USB interrupt priority over OSD rendering, corrected recognizing OSD via USB
  • Added GPS reinitialization after 4 sec since receiving first NMEA message. (It solved problem of supply start order between OSD/AP)

changes in test version 2.12

  • Corrected driving menu using RC signal, protected against "rubbish frames" (increased menu entering time,short time for menu position change)
  • For old AP released before version 1.0 corrected return to base function (fixed error with implementation of gas channel)
  • Added acknowledge of change on last level of the menu - text with new value in negative
  • Added "*" to current language and units
  • Increased sampling speed and added filter for airspeed
  • Fixed hiding of statistics after screen change (if statistics were present in first screen)

 -> Download

changes in test version 2.i and 2.10

  • Fixed main loop stall because of error on I2C bus (broken sensor)
  • Added 4 PWM outputs: Aux2,3,4,5 from serial PPM signal (on inputs 2,3,4,5)

changes in test version 2.11

  • Solved problem of non zero altitude and variometer jump after turning on AP
  • Added tracking of correct execution of program code and automatic jump to manual driving in case of problem. It is indicated by "E10" communicate on OSD

changes in test version 2.12

  • PPM output frame increased to 18ms because some servos generate vibration  with shorter frame
  • Eliminated influence of vibration from engine to servos in stabilization mode
  • Changed algorithm of range calibration for:
  • *automatic recognizing rotation count
  • *control of maximum calibration offset
  • *added validation gyro axis range during reading stored settings. If if value is out of range default value i s taken
  • PWM outputs Aux3,4 are serviced by hardware (PWM) for smaller jitter (for example for gimbal)
  • Modified calibration procedure for accelerometer. Measurement takes 0,5 sec, auto zero x,y.
  • Added information about status of the firmwarein the FPV Manager: "Beta", "RC", "test"
  • Added information in hardware number about accelerometer type L(IS) or A(DXL)
  • Added "anty-alising" filter for gyro, eliminating synchronization with vibration from drive system
  • Added testing of PPM signal presence (PPM_SUM or MODE in parallel mode) and unconditional start of RTH after 1 sec since loss of PPM signal



OSD languages

Dutch language

Hungarian language

Italian language

Portuguese language

Russian language

Slovakian language

Spanish language

Turkish language



Your language. If you want to prepare support for your own language please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



API: external UART commands for easy integration with third-party devices

Pitlab is the best! Thanks for making the best Autopilot on the market!!
Chris Stacey

It was the first time i tried to push a little my 5.8Ghz video system, and i did it with confidence ! Thanks to Pitlab !

Just wanted to say that i am very impressed with the pitlab osd+ap. Usually i only speak if there are problems. But i recommend pitlab to all of my friends. Its an amazing system. Thanks guys !

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