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FPV Ground stationFPV Ground Station is last part of our FPV System.  Ground Station include:

  • telemetry decoder,
  • tracking antenna driver,
  • 2-channel diversity based on video signal analysis,
  • 3 separated video outputs,
  • telemetry logger on microSD card,
  • LCD screen with touch panel as user interface.

To be fully functional, the FPV Ground Station needs:

  • tracking antenna mechanism,
  • 2 standard servos with torque about 10Ncm
  • switcher BEC for powering servos,
  • 1 or 2 video receivers with antennas,
  • 12V power source.


Ground Station is equipped with connectors:

  • 2x video input with RCA socket (black)
  • 2x audio input with RCA socket (red)
  • 3x video output with RCA socket (black)
  • 1x audio output with RCA socket (red)
  • power input with voltage and current measurement
  • power output for other devices: BEC for driving tracking antenna servos, gogle, receivers etc.
  • mini USB socket for firmware actualization
  • microSD card for logging telemetry data
  • 3x3 pin  servo connector for tracking antenna servos (2 servos + external power input)
  • 2x4 pin with UART for Bluetooth output and Mavlink telemetry input
  • 2x4 pin with analogue input for antenna position tuning  potentiometer
  • external buzzer

Ground Station connectors


Tracking antenna

The FPV Ground Station use 2 standard servos to drive tracking antenna. Due to high current consumption, servos require external BEC. To take overall current into account, please power the BEC from 12V Power Out connector.


Example video show tracking antenna working


Below are example screens from the device

Telemetry data
Main screen, shows basic telemetry data
tracking antenna settings
Settings of the tracking antenna servos
power ststus
Power status
2-channel diversity based on video signal analysis
flight track
On-line flight tracking
Data input
Acoustic alarms configuration




Ground Station baord dimension

Click on the image to enlarge.

It was the first time i tried to push a little my 5.8Ghz video system, and i did it with confidence ! Thanks to Pitlab !

Pitlab is the best! Thanks for making the best Autopilot on the market!!
Chris Stacey

Absolutely the best service and development ever !!! (…) I can not imagine to use other manufacturer/solutions not least because the highest quality service. Other solutions like APM or PixHawk that I have always have some issues and no help, no replacements. Never again will use cheap stuff for plain worth a lot of money and safety reasons.

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