Innovative solution for RC hobby

"FPV Manager" is common software  for all 3 components of the project: OSD, Autopilot and tracking antenna driver. Software can connect with hardware via USB mini cable. It can connect one device at a time. USB drivers are not reqiured for operation. To get it, go to Download section.



In OSD section we have tab including basic information about OSD. This screen also allow firmware and on-screen language update, save settings to file and restore it.


Next tab allow modification of the 4 user screen layouts. It shows position and property of the all graphical objects. The objects can be moved on the screen via mouse.

Checkbox on the right side allow turning object on/off and change of it's property.

układ ekranu


Next tab allow definition of the waypoints. Waypoint it is point on the map where you want to go. Waypoint can be set with command "Add waypoint" and next it can be moved manually to desired place using mouse. Set of waypoint can be stored into OSD or saved to file.

waypoints defintion


Tab "Settings" allow calibration of temperature and current sensors, define telemetry ID used to bind OSD with Ground Station, define callsing, the text displayed on OSD screen. Also define parameters of A2 analogue input used to connect user's sensor with 0-3.3V input range.



Tab "Symulator" is used to test the mission in different weather conditions.





First tab in Autopilot section shows basic parameters of Autopilot. It also allow firmware update.

aktualizacja firmware


Tab "Settings" is actually not used.

Tab "Calibration" allows verification and calibration of the on-board sensors. Details of calibration are described in user manual.

kalibracja czujników


Last tab allows to define parameters of user's RC signals.

konfiguracja sygnałów RC


Latest version of software can be always downloaded from Download site.

Well done! You are the best manufacturer in terms of quality, responsiveness to the requests of customers, innovation.

My short answer is, go ahead and order, you will be 110% satisfied with your stated requirement

I've used most non-"open source" FCs over the last five years or so and none compare to the Pitlab. It just simply works right out of the box.

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