Innovative solution for RC hobby

Some users ask about possibility to turn vario signal off. I can code it on "hard" without possibility to change, but it is'n my style. I like all to be configureable :-)

My proposition is anoter configuration window oriented on PPM. Some of that functionality exist in message window, but is "message type" oriented. Here is the same, but from other point of view: "ppm value" oriented.

configuration of PPM events

Main idea is distinction edge triggered events and level triggered events.

Edge triggering is when PPM switch is toggled beetwen values: +100%, 0% and -100%. As default are used edges: 0%->+100% and 0%->-100%. What do you think about using other edges +100%->0% and -100%->0%? Is it worth implementing? Vario hardware can suport it without any additional work.

My opinion is use only 2 default edges, but want to show possibility od using all 4 edges. Maybe you will other practical application for it?

Level triggering is not temporary like edge triggering, it is stable. It can be used to turn vario signal or messages off. Only alarm messages should be always working. As defaults implemented action for +100% and -100% value.

Can also implement for 0%, but don't know is it worth my effort? Maybe safer will be left 0% without any extra action (especially for begginers).

Other point of view is if vario is not feeded by PPM signal (for example powered from battery, not from receiver), the default value of PPM signal is 0%. Maybe somebody want to turn off vario signal without having ppm signal available?

Maybe you will have other ideas what can be implemented as another predefined action. Also is free place in configuration for one additional message (marked as reserved). Do you have any request for this message?

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