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TEK probe for vertical mounting on the fuselage

We have another source of Total Energy Compensation (TEK) probes on the market. It can be bought in our Pit.Lab.Shop. Both types of the probe are available:

  • probe for horizontal mounting on tail.
  • probe for vertical mounting on the fuselage

Probes has length 170 mm and about 11 g weight. Are sold with 2,5 m of silicone hose and plastic connectors. Bigger connector is for easy disconnection the probe after flight, the smaller is for connecting with variometer's pressure sensor nozzle.

The probe allow to compensate changes of kinetic energy made manually by the pilot pulling or pushing elevator stick. Pulling the stick, we made the glider climbing in cost of it's kinetic energy. Not compensated variometer (without a TEK probe) will indicate climbing, because glider in reality will go up, but it is not caused by thermals. Compensated variometer except static pressure will receive from TEK probe also negative dynamic pressure. The negative dynamic pressure is proportional to speed and change of it also will be "visible" by variometer. So correctly compensated variometer should not indicate changes of altitude made by elevator. The probe will work with SkyAssistant and with all other variometers.

Disadventage of using TEK probe is it's sensitivity for glider speed, so measured altitude will be raported with error depended from speed (reported altitude is higher then real).

We can summarize:

Variometer with TEK probe is sensitive only for thermals, but will not show you real state of glider. Without TEK you will hear via vario tone every change of altitude whatever is made by thermals or by pilot.

For new pilots it is recommended to use variometer without compensation. After several flights wou will feel the glider much more better then only looking for it. In several positions when variometer is above you, or far away or  behind a tree, we can't  rate  it's position. With not compensated variometer we still have contact with it.

When you will know your glider as own pocket then you can start to use copensation. With it you will see only thermals and it is best tool for learn soaring.

TEK probe for mounting on fuselage

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