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Q: I can observe periodic glitches in my variometer acoustic signal. On the graph it looks like picture below (click to enlarge). On the ground all works correctly.
A: The glitches come from photo voltaic effect when sunlight enter into pressure sensor silicon structure. Voltage generated into sensor can be seen as a disturbance. When pilot is circling in thermal the sensor's nozzle also points the circle on the sky. When it meet sun on it's way the strong, direct light enter inside and generate disturbance.
To protect from this effect variometers without nozzle has protection from black paper over the sensor.  Variometers with nozzle has to be protected by the user. It can be covered with something not transparent to light and transparent to air like foam or textile. Can be also moved in darker part of the model.



Q: My computer hang on (or power was off, or USB cable were unplugged) during firmware update and now variometer is dead. What to do?
A: Solution is simple: do the update once more. When variometer is without correct firmware it doesn't answer on software questions and software has to wait for timeout for every operation. It looks like no communication, but please be patient. To make it operating please do next steps:
1. Connect variometer to USB via cable and start the software.
2. Wait a moment for windows to detect new USB device
3. Press "Configuration" menu command and wait several seconds. After some time the menu will scroll down.
4. Press "Update Firmware" command in menu and again wait for dialog window.
5. Do normal firmware update as described in technical documentation

Q: How can I change the language of my variometer from XX to YY?
A: Should be changed 2 things:
firmware containing support of gramatic rules for selected language. In compressed ZIP file with firmware is several vario_xx.afv files, where xx is country code. In case of english firmware are 2 files: vario_en_m.afv with metric units and vario_en_i.afv with imperial units. Firmware is stored into variometer by "Configuration: -> "Update firmware..." command from the vario application menu.
samples containing recorded lector voice packed into files with SAW extension. Samples are stored ito variometer by "Samples" -> "Save on SkyAssistant" command.
The language of firmware and samples have to be the same.
In vario.exe application you can change language by "Configuration" -> "Choose language and units" command. After changing, application should be closed and started again.

Q: How can I change the metric version to imperial in my variometer?
A: Support of imperial units is implemented only in english firmware version (vario_en_i.afv file). It will change temperature units, storing logs in imperial units and the vario will be recognized by software as imperial. To full change you also should change set of A&B coefficients used to linearise altitude and some other values in EEPROM like altutude ant temperature alarm theshold values. The simplest method to do it, is reset values to default, factory values after changing firmware. The resetting algorithm check type of units and restore correct set of data. The same way is used to change from imperial to metric units.
Independently form firmware version in vario.exe application dispayning units can be forced to metric or imperial units using menu command: "Configuration" -> "Choose language and units".

Q: Can I measure voltage of my 3S Lipo battery, instead voltage from BEC? 
A: Yes. From the SkyAssistant "servo" connector pull out the red wire and connect it directly to the + of the battery. Variometer will be powered from battery and will measure and report it's voltage. The yelow and black wires should be connected to the receiver so variometer still wil have possibility to measure PPM signal.

Q: Can I measure voltage of my 4S (or more) Lipo battery, instead voltage from BEC?
A: I am sorry, not dirctly. SkyAssistant can be powered with voltages up to 13V. Higher voltage will activate overvoltage protection (13V transil and polymer fuse) and disconnect variometer from power. You can connect variometer to 4S cell vith additional 3 serial silicon diodes. Every silicon (not Schottky!) diode give 0,6V drop. Remember that also raported voltage will be decreased by 3x0,6V.

Q: My temperature sensor produce glitches on the graph or generate wrong temperature communcates
A: First part of sensors can have problem with connection between wire and metal contact in sensor plug. It case of problem i will replace sensor to new one, or if you can solder, take away black heat shrinked tube, pull out wires with metal connectors from the plug and put little drop of melted tin with flux on every connection.

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