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We are working hard to make SkyAssistant reliable as possible, but life is unpredictable, gliders sometimes crashes and variometers needs to be serviced. This article  describe what to do in this case.


First contact with me. Some "problems" are not real problems and can be fixed by you. This is cheapest and fastest way of solving issue. I can communicate in English and with limited possibilities in Russian and Czech language. If you don't use any of them, please write in your local language in simplest possible grammar form. Do not send translation from Google - translations are sometimes wrong. Is easier to understand foreign text then wrong translations. Describe your problem, include photos or screens from software showing the issue.


If I confirm hardware problem, the variometer should be send to me. The recommended shipment type is registered mail. Is reliable, fast and much more cheaper then global couriers like DHL or FedEx.

Please pack the variometer to protect it from damage in transport. Ideal package is soft inside (foam, bubble foil or some clothes) and rigid outside (small cartoon or plastic box in size compared to cigarette box).

If you live in European Union other information are not important.


If you live outside EU then we have customs between you and me. Wrong address or shipment type means cost.

In this case please:

  • Address variometer to me personally instead my company. It allow me to avoid paying customs fee especially if you send vario from outside European Union. My personal and company address is the same, I work next door to my home.

Piotr Laskowski

ul. Jana Olbrachta 58a/164

01-111 Warszawa


  • Send it in mail, not in parcel, because all parcels by default goes through customs office. If possible please glue the stamps. Since my childhood I am collecting stamps. :-)
  • Don't declare value, because valuable things also goes through customs office and I will have to pay VAT 23% from it and loose half a day to deliver documents to customs. I know, the variometer is a valuable thing, but risk it will be loosed or damaged in transport is very small. Poland is a civilized country, the mail is processed with worldwide standards.

Well send package will be delivered to my doors, without any additional costs nor troubles. If you don't do one of the things above, the customs processing means 3-5 days longer delivery and higher cost of repair.


Typical issues and solution

  • Voice is not clear or broken.

Solution is to restore voice. You can find it on download section. Unpack the zip file and store the saw file into your variometer using commands Sample -> Store in variometer. Sometimes it is hardware problem like broken capacitor or potentiometer. In this case vario should be send to me for repair.

  • Radio range is too small.

Please check if fuselage in your glider is not made from carbon, and is no other conducting materials near variometer's antenna. If not please check if your transmitter is not out of tune. Toggle software in advanced mode "Configuration" -> "Change to advanced mode", next open transmitter configuration "Configuration" -> "Radio transmitter...". The slider shows transmitter tuning related to center of the channel. It is calibrated in the factory and the result is known to me. Send me your serial number, and will tell you how it  should be set. Typical value is not bigger the +- 2 steps ( about +-0,8kHz), because bigger values are tuned in hardware.

  • Variometer says message about very high temperature

It means it has no contact with external temperature sensor, it is removed or broken. If you don't need it you can turn off temperature measurement in alarm configuration window. Go to "Configuration" -> "Alarms..." and uncheck the check box near temperature alarm slider.


  • Variometer says messages in not correct way (accidental set of words)

Most probably you upgraded it with firmware in different language then voice stored in memory. In firmware are included grammar rules for specific language. It will not fit to other language. Change firmware or set of voice messages. Both should be for the same language.

  • Variometer was crashed and has mechanical problem

Unless the PCB is not broken or highly bend is big chance to repair variometer. The board has 4-layers and mechanically broken is unrepairable. In most cases variometer has smaller injury. Usually some components cracks ans should be replaced. Good idea is to include photo of variometer with shown damage. Will tell you if the repair is possible.



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